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[ in Computers & Internet / Software / Specific Programs ]
This is a group for users of the program BitTorrent. This is the place for help, discussion and sharing of information regarding links, using the program and sharing files. Please check ...
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FreeCycle London   
[ in Cultures & Community / Issues and Causes / Environment / Issues and Activism / Recycling ]
(Set up a Freecycle(R) group in your area: instructions on ) The London Freecycle Network is open to all who want to "recycle" that special something rather than throw it ...
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Sue Connelly's Keep In Touch (KIT) List   
[ in Cultures & Community / Groups ]
Welcome to the KIT (Keep In Touch) List! Our site has more info at to join, post a job, or to see our FAQs. Also, to avoid filling your inbox with too many job emails, ...
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The largest AI Yahoogroup   
[ in Entertainment & Arts / Television / Genres / Reality Television / Titles / American Idol ]
This is the largest American Idol yahoogroup. Come in, join the party, discuss anything American Idol, be part of the phenomenon. Members Click Here New members: Instead of setting your ...
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Freecycle Portland   
[ in Cultures & Community / Issues and Causes / Environment / Issues and Activism / Recycling ]
Freecycle instructional Video Click here to enlarge. Changing the world one gift at a time! Our mission is to encourage members to pass along still-usable, tangible items rather than ...
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HP (Harry Potter) for Grownups   
[ in Entertainment & Arts / Humanities / Books and Writing / Genres / Children's / Authors / Rowling, J.K. / Cultures and Groups / Adults ]
Welcome to Harry Potter for Grownups, a friendly, thought-provoking place for adult discussions of the HP books. Posts about Half-Blood Prince begin at #132907 . Read At Your Own Risk! ...
25661 Very High
Freecycle (TM) New York City   
[ in Cultures & Community / Issues and Causes / Environment / Issues and Activism / Recycling ]
Untitled Document Welcome to Freecycle New York City! BE AWARE BEFORE SUBSCRIBING: this group generates nearly 100 MESSAGES A DAY --but mail alternatives do exist! Click on "join this ...
25373 Very High
Open Source Computer Vision Library Community   
[ in Computers & Internet / Software / Open Source ]
This website is for discussion related to the Open Source Computer Vision Library and/or to computer vision in general. =========================================> OpenCV was of key use ...
22772 Very High
[ in Computers & Internet / Software / Development / Testing ]
Discussions in the group related to the use of the Mercury WinRunner automated testing tool on the job, not for training or for interviews. Discussions of more advanced issues are encouraged. (Job postings are not allowed in this group.)
22135 Very High
Logic Users Group   
[ in Entertainment & Arts / Audio and Visual Equipment ]
The Logic Users Group (LUG) is the oldest and largest (20000+ members) Logic community in existence. 11+ years ago we were Emagic's first presence on the Internet; in 1999 the LUG ...
21464 Very High
Sue Connelly's KITlist-Tech    [Recent Messages]
[ in Cultures & Community / Groups ]
Welcome to the KIT-Tech List! Our site has more info at to join, post a job, or to see our FAQs. Also, to avoid filling your inbox with too many job emails, we suggest ...
21013 Very High
Adoptive Parents China   
[ in Family & Home / Parenting / Adoption / International Adoptions ]
Adoptive Parents China (APC) is a support group for parents and prospective parents adopting from the People's Republic of China. Xie Xie An invisible red thread connects those who are ...
18559 Very High
Lyrics HQ - Share and Request Song Lyrics    [Recent Messages]
[ in Music / Lyrics ]
Lyrics HQ is the largest lyrics group on Yahoo! Can't remember who sang that song? Know a song title but need the lyrics? You've come to the right place!
16121 Very High
Unleash the power of Yahoo! 360    [Recent Messages]
[ in Cultures & Community / Advice / Yahoo! Experts ]
Helping enhance your Yahoo! 360 experience! On March 29th 2005, Yahoo! 360 was started. Currently, Yahoo! 360 is a beta product that plans to add additional features and ...
15803 Very High
[ in Computers & Internet / Software / Development ]
This group is dedicating to enhancing Canon digital cameras, such as the Powershot and EOS series, especially the EOS Digital Rebel/Kiss/300D. The goal is mainly to modify the firmware ...
14698 High
[ in Computers & Internet / Software / Development / Testing ]
Welcome to the SQAtester group! Share the experience and exchange ideas with other SQA testers on how to use testing methodology and techniques, documentation and strategy, tools and ...
13873 Very High
Hybrid Toyota Prius E-mail Group    [Recent Messages]
[ in Recreation & Sports / Automotive ]
The group is to share information among owners and others interested in the Toyota Prius. This is the first mass-produced hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle in the world, with 100,000s ...
13648 Very High
Java . XML . AJAX . J2EE . Web services    [Recent Messages]
[ in Computers & Internet / Programming Languages / Java ]
Java Official Group is created for the following topics: J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, XML, XSL, XSD, XPATH, Web Services, Jini, JXTA, AJAX for all type of Java Geeks. Post / View Books - PDF / ...
13602 Very High
Band-In-A-Box Group.    [Recent Messages]
[ in Computers & Internet / Software / Music ]
The independent user group for PG Music's Band-In-A-Box (BIAB) program. All are welcome to join. Group members exchange and share BIAB files, get to know other BIAB members, exchange hints and tips and maintain a file repository of BIAB Files.
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Archos Multimedia Player   
[ in Computers & Internet / Hardware / MP3 Players ]
This group is for support and discussion of the Archos Multimedia Players. This group can also be used to discuss any other multimedia and portable video players. The Archos Multimedia ...
13511 Very High